Tuesday, December 30, 2008


Two words. Kill. Me. I hate moving more than I can ever possibly describe to you. Where did we get all of this junk?? And I've even had my eyes open for things to go to the D.I. and we've taken a fair amount there, but we still have an outrageous amount of crap. We're on the home stretch of this pack up, but we still haven't cleaned (which doesn't need to be done like white glove, cuz lets be honest, this place was not very clean when we moved in. Its a good thing I knew the girls who lived here before or I would have been more disgusted than I actually was/should have been). Our goal is to be on the road to Ogden at 7/7:30 (which actually means 8/8:30) because Nate's little brother Jordan is going to the MTC tomorrow. I hate driving at night, especially in the winter. Kill. Me.

P.S. Moving is a lot better when you're eight months pregnant (no one wants you to do anything even if you feel up to it) and a LOT harder when you have a five month old. I'm not having any more kids until we have a house. (That's a lie because its going to be like 10 years before we get a house :P)

Friday, December 26, 2008


Well I didn't cry once this Christmas! I was too busy having fun! On Christmas Eve day, Nate's mom called us and told us his little sister, Celeste, had to work in Island Park and the weather was so bad she couldn't come down and then go back up, so we all decided to go up instead. There had been a few cancelations so there were a few open cabins. The one we initially wanted to go to some young couple decided that they would take it instead. It was the biggest one, and who knows why the group with only two people decided they would get it. Oh well... We got into another one which had plenty of room. That one's plumbing started doing weird things so we packed everything up again and moved to another one of the same size. It all worked out. Nate and I improvised some ornaments and decorated this tiny tree to use as our Christmas Tree. There are hot tubs at each cabin so Kimball, Elise, Nate, and I all went out at about 10 on Christmas Eve. Kimball rolled around in the snow and did snow angels and then jumpped into the hot tub. I was not so much in the mood for that at the time. Christmas morning we all opened presents around our little tree. Nate and I got mostly DVDs that we both picked out at Wal-Mart on the day after Thanksgiving for two bucks each, but we also got a few games. I got Nate and Rachael some books called "Just Ask" books and they answer questions like "What is electricity?" "What is a wave?" Nate grew up with these books and I found them on E-Bay. Yay! I was also pleasantly surprised with a calendar with pictures of Christ in it, and 20 questions for Harry Potter, and the new book by J.K. Rowling "The Tales of Beedle the Bard" which I am SO excited to read!! Nate was also sweet enough to find me some beautiful earrings because he know I was looking for black ones. I love my husband and how hard he was trying to give me a good Christmas. It truly was fun and so memorable and I'm glad Rachael had an amazing first Christmas! (Pictures to come, I need to get them from Nate's sister, Melissa)

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Christmas this year

So I'm having some sad thoughts about Christmas this year. My family just stayed with us for three nights on their way to Canada and they just left a few hours ago and I'm sad. This is my first major holiday (minus last Thanksgiving) without my family. It does help that my family is scattered this Christmas and they're not all gathered around the Christmas tree without me, but I'm still sad. Don't get me wrong, its not that I'm dreading Christmas, it is just going to be different and I don't do different very well. I'll be ok after this first initial Christmas, but for now, I'm just trying to be happy. Merry Christmas everyone!!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Funny Girl...

So lately Rachael has taken to kicking her way out of her bouncer. I'll have her clear up at the top and two minutes later her bum is on the ground and eventually only her head is on it. It can't be comfortable but she doesn't cry when she gets there. Should I strap her in? No, because she'll cry. She is so funny!

Nate is the only person who can get her to fall asleep like this. Its so bizarre but so sweet. She loves her daddy!!
I wish I had a picture of it (I'll try to get one tomorrow) but no matter how tightly she is bundled up for bed/nap, every time I peek at her she somehow manages to get her arms out and have them completely open wide. It makes me laugh every time!! Also, every time Nate says "Coochie coochie coo!" in a silly voice she laughs her head off. We'll need to get that on video soon.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Funny story!

I'm now reading a book called "A Tree Grows in Brooklyn" which is very good. Its about a little girl growing up in a poor part of Brooklyn in the early 1900's. This next little exerpt I'm going to put here was pretty funny to me, and may even be true because I believe that the author wrote this book based on her experiences growing up in this area at this time. *Warning* may be too graphic for some, but I still think it is really funny. Sorry its a bit long!

"Gussie, a boy of six, was a murky legend in the neighborhood. A tough little hellion, with an overdeveloped under lip, he had been born like other babies and nursed at his mother’s great breasts. But there all resemblance to any child, living or dead, ceased. His mother tried to wean him when he was nine months old but Gussie wouldn’t stand for it. Denied the breast, he refused a bottle, food or water. He lay in his crib and whimpered. His mother, fearful that he would starve, resumed nursing him. He sucked contentedly, refusing all other food, and lived off his mother’s milk until he was nearly two years old. The milk stopped then because his mother was with child again. Gussie sulked and bided his time for nine long months. He refused cow’s milk in any form or container and took to drinking black coffee.
Little Tilly was born and the mother flowed with milk again. Gussie went into hysterics the first time he saw the baby nursing. He lay on the floor, screaming and banging his head. He wouldn’t eat for four days and he refused to go to the toilet. He got haggard and his mother got frightened. She thought it wouldn’t do any harm to give him the breast just once. That was her big mistake. He was like a dope fiend getting the stuff after a long period of deprivation. He wouldn’t let go.
He took all of his mother’s milk from that time on and Little Tilly, a sickly baby, had to go on the bottle.
Gussie was three years old at this time and big for his age. Like other boys, he wore knee pants and heavy shoes with brass toe tips. As soon as he saw his mother unbutton her dress, he ran to her. He stood up while nursing, an elbow on his mother’s knee, his feet crossed jauntily and his eyes roving around the room. Standing to nurse was not such a remarkable feat as his mother’s breasts were mountainous and practically rested in her lap when released. Gussie was indeed a fearful sight nursing that way and he looked not unlike a man with his foot on a bar rail, smoking a fat pale cigar.
The neighbors found out about Gussie and discussed his pathological state in hushed whispers. Gussie’s father got so that he wouldn’t sleep with his wife; he said that she bred monsters. The poor woman figured and figured on a way to wean Gussie. He was too big to nurse, she decided. He was going for four. She was afraid his second teeth wouldn’t come in straight.
One day she took a can of stove blackening and the brush and closed herself in the bedroom where she copiously blackened her left breast with the stove polish. With a lipstick she drew a wide ugly mouth with frightening teeth in the vicinity of the nipple. She buttoned her dress and went into the kitchen and sat in her nursing rocker near the window. When Gussie saw her, he threw the dice, with which he had been playing, under the washtubs and trotted over for feeding. He crossed his feet, planted his elbow on her knee and waited.
“Gussie want tiddy?” asked his mother wheedingly.
“All right. Gussie’s gonna get nice tiddy.”
Suddenly she ripped open her dress and thrust the horribly made-up breast into his face. Gussie was paralyzed with right for a moment, then he ran away screaming and hid under the bed where he stayed for twenty-four hours. He came out at last, trembling. He went back to drinking black coffee and shuddered every time his eyes went to his mother’s bosom. Gussie was weaned.
The mother reported her success all over the neighborhood. It started a new fashion in weaning called, “Giving the baby the Gussie.”

I have always thought, personally, that nursing longer than one year is too long. I learned at a breastfeeding class that I went to that the average age worldwide at which a child stops nursing is five. FIVE!! Granted, in most third world countries that is the only food source available, so I guess that is understandable. I am all about nursing and the benifits it gives to the baby and will continue to nurse all of my children, but one year is my max, and is probably even pushing it for me!

Friday, December 5, 2008

Christmas Preparations

Even though Nate is currently laid off work at Lone Pine Nursery, we still get $40 toward a tree. I picked out this little beauty. Apparently its a grand fir and it smells SOO good! This was taken last night when we picked it out, but we brought it home and decorated it today. Rachael has had a cold for the last few days but she was a good sport to sit and watch us decorate. Poor little baby also had some shots today. With her having such a rough day I decided to postpone her bath until tomorrow (she's not a fan) and we just played!

Here is the tree getting a ride home on Mallory the Malibu. I've always loved seeing trees strapped to the top of cars. I don't know why. Some day I want to go into the forest and chop one down.
The dead space before...
The beauty after! It looks and smells so much better in real life! The tree isn't really two toned like that... Last year for Christmas Nate and I got all of our decorations from the Dollar store. It wasn't too bad for being as cheap as possible. A few days after Christmas we went to my favorite decorating store in St. George called Tai Pan (there are a few in northern Utah too) and got everything 75% off! It was amazing!! And I still love all of my decorations. There is still something missing, and Nate discovered what it is. I want a garland of jewels to put some more color and sparkle on the tree. If you run across any at a decent price, let me know!
This is Nate putting up lights at his parent's house. He actually likes to do it and it looks amazing after! He is so excited for his family to be here next week and wants everthing to be perfect for when they come. Nate is so cute! (P.S. How cool is this picture?? I got a little creative)

Wednesday, December 3, 2008


This Thanksgiving was so much fun! The baby and I actually flew into Las Vegas on Nov. 17th and had my cousin/best friend Britni take us to Mesquite where we met my mom and sister to continue on to STG. It was Rachael's first airplane ride and she was not so much a fan. She woke up right before we took off and was fussier than her usual self the whole way. Thankfully it wasn't a very long ride. Funny though, becuase I thought I had requested an aisle seat so I could walk around with the baby if need be, but I was sitting by one of the few people on this earth who don't prefer a window seat. She was older and had circulation problems and needed to get up and walk around so it wasn't a huge deal. But when the baby wouldn't calm down she said there were a few open seats by the bulkhead so she asked if she could sit there so the baby could lay on the seat. It was so sweet of her and made it easier for me! I'm sure those around me were a little irritated, but she really was not THAT bad. But if you are ever flying and there is a mother or a family with crying children, even though you wish they would be quiet, I promise you no one wishes they were quiet more than their mother, so be patient. Its a good thing the flight was only like an hour and 20 minutes.
So anyways... our week was uneventful because everyone was still working. My friend from high school got married on friday so we went to the temple to wait outside for them and then to the luncheon. My friends loved seeing Rachael and I loved showing her off. That night I went out to dinner with my mom, sister, and auntie mel. Then I went to Marissa's reception while they waited in line at TWILIGHT! I only have one word for that movie, and its a long one. AAAAAAMMMMAAAAZZZZZIIIINNNNGGGGG!!! I truly am not a Twilight fanatic like I am with Harry Potter. I read and enjoyed them all, but that movie was so good! I was slightly irritated with everyone screaming, but I still thoroughly enjoyed it. I need to go see it again and I'll drag Nate along so that I can see what he thinks about it, never having read the books.

This is Rachael and her cousin who is 10 days younger than her, Liam. They're totally best buddies.
Cute little baby girl!

Oh the annual Turkey Dive. Ok, by annual I mean annually talked about but never actually participated in. Nate, my dad, my little brother, and I all got into our swim suits and jumped into the freezing cold pool in the back yard. AAAAHH! So cold! It was warmer standing beside the pool soaking wet! Nate and I jumped in twice. Unfortunately the person (who shall remain nameless) I recruited to record this event with our video camera neglected to press the record button. I was sad about that but what can you do?
Here is a funny story. My dad was holding my cousin Carter above his head in the pool and my nephew Jace decided it would be funny to lasso grandpa. This picture was taken literally the second before Jace was tugged into the freezing cold pool. Uncle Brenden reached in so fast to take him out. Everyone was afraid he'd be crying but he came out saying "That's not cold! I wanna go swimming!" Clearly he wasn't in there long enough for the cold to hit, but he was whisked away to the bathroom and wrapped in a warm towel while his clothes and undies went into the dryer. Such a funny memory, and I wish someone would have gotten it on video!

My brother Justin was able to come up from Phoenix for this Thanksgiving so that was fun! Nate and I went with him and his friend on the four wheelers on friday for a few hours and that was so fun! I was paranoid the whole time and kept yelling in Nate's ear, "Remember we have a baby to go home to!" We heard a story (after we had taken the quads) about a man in my brother's ward who got in a four wheeler accident and broke his neck and might be paralized :S scary. And every time I go out on the quads I think about my friend Kristin and how when she was young she was on one and got in an accident and gas got all over her. She still had the bow that she was wearing when that happened. Random memory...
We took family pictures in our backyard on saturday before he had to leave and I'll post some of those later when I get the CD.
Just a note: I put Rachael to bed at 11p.m. one night, and she didn't wake up to eat or anything until 11a.m. I am way too blessed!
Nate had to leave on Sunday for some more interviews in NYC. That was an adventure getting him a ride to Provo so his sister could take him to the airport on monday morning. Suffice it to say that a friend's friend's cousin took him. So on monday I went to my auntie Melanie's house and we exchanged tips on how to make bows for out baby girls. That was fun and I'm so excited to start them!! Mel also gave me some of her old baby clothes and let me tell you, Rachael probably has more 3-6 month clothes than I have in my whole wardrobe. But they are all so cute I couldn't let any of them pass me by!
Tuesday I went to lunch with my mama and papa. Well my dad and I took my mom lunch at her school. Then I went to my sister's work and saw all of the cute kids she teaches. Then we went home and I packed. By packed I mean throwing all of the dirty clothes in one suitcase and the clean ones in another. I need to deal with that later. I left for Provo at like 5:30, took a stay alert pill, and sang Christmas songs the whole way to Melissa's house. Rachael slept like a baby and woke up to eat when we got there. I picked Nate up at about 11 and we drove back to Rexburg last night, getting in at 3. The baby is STILL sleeping. She has been awake to eat, but that's about it. I think I'm going to go wake her up.
If you read this whole thing, I'm amazed with you. I just didn't want to forget my fun two weeks! I'm looking forward to Nate's whole family being here next week. I think its next week...
Oh, P.S. Nate got a call this morning offering him an internship at Pricewaterhouse Coopers in January, so all of our planning and hoping has finally come to pass! We're moving to NYC in January!! Anyone know where we can get $6,000+? It'll all work out, right? Right??

Friday, November 14, 2008

I can't help it!

What can I say... I'M OBSESSED WITH MY CHILD! I just got done posting and then I remembered that I have two SUPER cute videos to share with everyone! These are just from my phone cuz we're having some technical difficulties with our video camera, so sorry about how bad the picture is. I hope you enjoy these as much as I do!
This first one is of her in her bouncer watching a movie, probably Finding Nemo or some other amazing Disney movie. She gets SO excited that she kicks so hard and it comes our of nowhere!! It is one of the funniest things I've ever seen!

This is one of Rachael laughing her head off at me while I play a new version of Hide-and-go-Seek. She loves looking in the mirror and I guess its even better with mommy making a fool of herself. Oh well, I'll do anything to get this little girl to laugh! Don't focus on me, focus on the baby.

Happy Birthday!

Yesterday was my 22nd birthday. It was really weird this year because I usually look forward to my birthday for like a month but this year I only figured out that it was coming up like 3 weeks ago. I guess I just got so busy with being a mom I didn't even notice. It was a really fun night! Nate took me to Winger's (yuuuuuuuum) while his little sister, Celeste, watched Rachael. Our waiter was being slightly on the slow side and Celeste had a basketball game to play in so I ended up leaving to pick up the baby while Nate waited for his all you can eat sticky fingers. Rachael loves to go to new places and see people and things other than the ones in out little trailer. The ONE time I didn't have her headband on, someone asked me if she was a boy or a girl. I thought that was ridiculous because she was wearing purple and little ballerina slipper socks!! rrrrr...

After dinner we met our friends, Cameron and Lexie, and went to the local hangout because on thursday nights they have unlimited pool, bowling, and a movie all for 3 bucks. Can't beat that!! We also took Rachael out to Nate's family's house to have them watch her. It was fun to not have to worry about her too much, but all night I kept saying "I miss the baby!" It was a nice change, but still really weird! This picture of us playing pool was totally set up. I promise I know how to play pool (not very well...) but I just wanted a cute picture. I was very surprised by the cute look on Nate's face cuz he doesn't usually like getting his picture taken. I love him!!

This is Cameron and Lexie. Cameron has been Nate's best friend since high school and he and Lexie started dating a little while ago. She is actually from Taber Alberta which is just a little ways away from where I was born and where my famliy is! And her middle name is Nicole, too! What a co-inky-dink! They are so much fun to hang out with and I hope to hear wedding bells in the very near future :) Cardson temple anyone??

No, I don't feel any older. 22 is one of those anti-climatic years, like 14 or 17. Nate is turning 24 next month and he told me he feels like that is the last of his younger years because it is still technically in the low 20's. Next year he'll be in the mid-20's, and then its all downhill from there. haha just kidding. We're already having so much fun growing old together and I love how we're so silly with eachother. I hope someday we'll be silly old senior citizens together and don't get all boring with age.
I couldn't let a post go by without putting a picture of the baby up. She hasn't been a fan of being on her tummy lately so I've tried to twist things up. I prop her up on my boppy pillow that I use for nursing and then put a mirror in front of her. This only works for about 2 minutes, haha, but its cute for a few shots!!

Monday, November 10, 2008

Here are a few of our family pictures we had taken last saturday. It was so much fun to take them and our photographer is great! She is the same one who took those beautiful pictures of Rachael about a month ago. Her husband is a student at BYU-I and she used to be a photography major at BYU. I'm excited to order some of these and put them around our house!! I love my cute little family!

Dad, thumbs, prayers, and the dinner duo

Here are just a few of my favorite pictures of Rachael and her wonderful daddy! Nate is such an amazing father and I love to see these two together! I remember one night I was trying and trying to get Rachael to sleep but she just would not! It was so frustrating that finally I just took her into Nate and basically said "Now you try." He was still in bed when I handed her to him so he laid her on his chest. I kid you not, within 10 seconds she was sleeping. At the time I didn't think too much of that (minus the fact that she was now sleeping) but looking back on it I think it is so cute! She loves here pops so much. I love her pops so much.

Rachael started sucking her thumb last thursday and it has been WONDERFUL!! Nate isn't too much of a fan because he doesnt want his children to be avid thumb suckers. I agree to some point, but not at 4 in the morning when she starts to get restless and then finds her thumb which calms her right down. Whoever invented thumb sucking was a smart, smart gal. (I'm assuming that if someone HAD invented it, it would be a mother)

Yesterday when we went to G&G Russell's house Rachael was taking a nap in Grandma's arms. She looked so sweet with her hands together and her lips puckered. She truly is a little angel!

The other day while I was preparing dinner Rachael was apparently lacking in attention so I decided to strap her in to the good ol' baby holder. She thoroughly enjoyed it and I thoroughly enjoyed having her right by me with her big eyes so interested at everything I was doing. I kept her strapped to me while we were eating and Nate kept laughing at her every second and I was sad I couldn't see her face. So, to fix that problem, I went to the bathroom and got my hand mirror and propped it up so I could enjoy the cuteness too!

Thursday, November 6, 2008

My little indulgence

While I was in Cosmetology School I learned how to do acrylic nails. I love having my nails done but it is soo expensive! So I decided to put my skill to the ultimate test. A few weeks ago I bought an acrylic nail kit at Peerless Beauty Supply and have now started doing them on myself. I feel so much more beautiful and feminine with them on because I've always had a weird complex about my hands. So far I've had these for about a month with just filing and filling in when needed. It is really fun for me, but it does make the house smell very strong for a few hours. If you want me to give you a set I'd be happy to! I only charge $15 (because the kit was slightly pricey) which is about half of what you would pay in a salon. So far I've given a set to my sister, Lindsey. She seemed to enjoy them. And when summer hits I'm probably going to give myself a french manicure (pedicure?) on my toes! I love being a cosmetologist!

Cute little woman

I love my baby girl! Here are just a few shots of her budding personality. I couln't have asked for a better baby, or a sweeter one.

Put up your dukes!


Ok, ok, I'll surrender and sleep!

She loves sleeping with her head at awkward angles.


Tuesday, November 4, 2008

The World Today

So recently with the elections going on I've been perusing my facebook friends to see what they have to say. It makes me so sad to see what some of my very close friends from high school and middle school and even elementary school now believe. A lot of them talk of how Prop. 8 is wrong and who is the government to decide what marriage is? They get very passionate about how anyone who would vote in favor of Prop. 8 is closeminded and brainwashed. Separate church and state, they say. Well I'm all about separation of church and state, but I believe my church has taught me correct principles and regardless of what the government says or does it is my responsibility as a member of that church to uphold those principles. Some of these friends I've talked about I just want to grab by their shoulders and shake them! Weren't they sitting next to me in my Mia-Maid class talking about the importance of temple marriage? I don't recall one young woman's lesson discussing gay marriage, but I recall many about family and its importance. It truly saddens my soul deeply to see these thoughts in my friends. I only pray that by the end of the day the Lord will bless us with good leaders and good programs. Otherwise I pray for the strength to stand up for what I know to be true and good.

Monday, November 3, 2008


Nate is in school. A lot. He works so hard and I am so grateful to have an amazing husband with aspirations and dreams, but sometimes I just miss him. Rachael and I are at home every day and she is either sleeping or just kicking around (literally) and I'm usually reading my book (currently Gone with the Wind). As much as I love being a stay at home mom its kinda tough. It is also hard for me because the women in my ward are for the most part all over 30 and have at least 3 kids and are busy busy busy. I get sad some days thinking about how I don't really have any friends around me to keep me company. Don't get me wrong, I'm not depressed by any means, just lonely at times. Rachael isn't much of an english talker so don't be surprised if I forget how to talk someday. We're still waiting to hear about NYC for this January, and even if it doesn't come through I think I would still like to move closer to town with people in my same stage of life around me. Currently we are living about 5 miles south of Rexburg in a little mobile home that I love, but I think it would be good to get back to town.

Here is a little thing I read in Gone with the Wind the other day that should make us all appreciate life a little more, even with the economy as it is.

"With the new fall of currency, prices soared again. Beef, bork and butter cost thirty-five dollars a pound, flour fourteen hundred dollars a barrel, soda one hundred dollars a pound, tea five hundred dollars a pound. warm clothing, when it was obtainable at all, had risen to such prohibitive prices that Atlanta ladies were lining their old dresses with rags and reinforcing them with newspapers to keep out the wind. Shoes cost from two hundred to eight hundred dollars a pair, depending on whether they were made of 'cardboard' or real leather. Ladies now wore gaiters made of their old wool shawls and cut up carpets. The soles were made of wood."

For those of you who don't know this book is set during the Civil War. I read that and thought our situation wasn't so bad. That and we don't have to send every single male aged 15-60 to fight a war. Not seeing my husband except for a few hours at night is better than not seeing him for 3+ years wouldn't you say?
Here is a picture of Rachael after church a few weeks ago. We thought it was so cute how her ankles were crossed! Every little thing she does brings so much joy to our lives!

Saturday, November 1, 2008


These are the best pictures I could find to compare how teeny Rachael was when she was born to how big she is now. We just had her measured and she is 25.5 inches long and in the 95th percentile!! I never realized how long she is but she is 1/3 the size of Nate. Thaaaaaaats weird. She was 5 lbs. 13 oz. when she was born and now she is a whopping 13 lbs. and in the 75th percentile. She's perfect!!

I love this picture because she looks like a little orphan who doesn't have many clothes. This was a crazy morning where we had to take dad to school at a ridiculous morning hour.

This is one of my favorite of her early pictures. This was when she was 3 days old coming home from the hospital and the first time in the carseat. Not such a fan. She definately fits into it better now!


Rachael was the cutest little black cat for Halloween! I found the little onesie at wal-mart for 3 bucks and then I made the ears out of felt and attached them to clippies to go onto her headband. I also made the tutu which was the easiest thing ever! I love this costume the most because it is unique and no other baby looked like her. The make up was a bit of an issue so we just removed it and waited until she was asleep to do it again. She eventually rubbed it off on my shirt (which was black on purpose) while we were at the movie. We went to see Ghost Town tonight which was about a 6.75 on the funny scale. They dropped the F Bomb twice which was completly ridiculous. Anyways... back to the baby. Isn't she CUTE?!

Mom and dad aren't really getting into the spirit of Halloween. We figured no one would care if we dressed up just cuz the kitty is stealing the show!

This is grandma and grandpa Russell's cat, Surrey. I think this picture is so cute!

Happiest little kitty in the world!