Saturday, January 30, 2010

Eighteen Months Old!!

I cannot believe this. My baby is 18 months old. Seriously?? I know this is cliche, but who gave her permission to grow up so fast? Every day we find another adorable thing about her personality. Here is just a short list of the things she can do and also loves to do.
Dog=(this is actually her response to most "What is that" questions, but it is also the sound a dog makes. Dogs are currently her favorite animal, by far)
Elephant= Moo with her arm lifted
Cat=the sign for cat
Fish=the sign for fish as well as a fish lipped kiss
Monkey=Oooh and scratching under her armpits
Pig=slight nose inhale with her finger pressed against her nose
Mom=smacking of lips, but an occasional "Mom"
Show=Bol? (in reference to Bolt, her favorite movie)

Favorite Activities:
Whenever she hears music, or we say "Rachael, Dance!" she'll shake her booty, stomp her feet, or grab mom/dad's hands and lift up her leg in a very graceful "grande battement" (I pulled that from my dance background)
Brushing her teeth. I just hand her her toothbrush when I need to do her hair. Very convenient.
"Eating" with a fork and spoon. Her days of eating nothing but yogurt are long gone. She now eats whatever we're having for dinner. It was a long road but it was so worth it.
She'll give you five, and when you ask her to "pound" it, she'll stick her index finger on your knuckles.
She loves to read with her daddy. From how he describes his reading sessions, he does a MUCH more interactive read than I do.
She love holding her baby doll, and wrapping her in her blanket.
Going to the park and going up to the slide, and going down with just a tiny bit of help
Nursery. She LOVES nursery.
She is also sleeping through the night, which we both love!
Body Parts:
Cheeks (this is my favorite cuz she grabs her cheeks and gives a cheesy grin)
Belly Button
"Poop" (I hope this will be convenient when potty training) (she just taps her bum a bit)
I know most of you won't read all of this, it is really just for my records, but I love this little girl of mine. She is so sweet, and she loves meeting new kids. On occasion, she does get a little "whiney," but hey, she is breaking her last four teeth. Thanks for being such an ideal first child, Rachael!

(Pictures courtsey of my cousin Stephanie and her hubby, Trevon. Thanks guys!!)

Thursday, January 28, 2010

My thoughts on exercise

If you know me well, we have probably had a conversation about how much I hate exercising. Unless its a dance or pilates class, I just cannot enjoy it. I want to, I just can't. When I was in elementary school, my two best friends played sports. Basketball and soccer. I actually have a vivid memory of being at Kristin's soccer game when we were in like 4th grade (I was always very supportive and went to a lot of their games), but they had to forefit because they didn't have enough players. They still wanted to play, so they asked me if I wanted to. I LITERALLY remember thinking "But these are new shoes." Yeah. But I did play, and I just did not enjoy it. (And that is why I don't even try, cuz its not fun for me, so I'm not good. Sorry Nate's family, I know you all love sports)
Nate and I have been thinking about going to Thailand this April, but if that doesn't work out, we'll still go on a cruise. I have a goal to get my legs looking good enough that I won't feel weird if I don't wear board shorts. Is that a weird goal? Nevertheless... it is my goal. I'm going to get a new suit if I get to that point. I would love to go to my old dance studio and take some classes, but it is just so expensive. I would also love a gym membership to take yoga/pilates classes, but that is also too expensive. I have taken a Zumba (exercise hip hop class) and a pilates class at the community center, but they were both a little weird and I didn't really enjoy them. Then tonight, my sister in law, Laura, asked me to go to her gym to take a spinning class. I got a free pass online and went with her. I could barely get up the stairs tonight. Ugh. I just can't find anything that I LOVE (besides my good friend Tani Bree's pilates class in Rexburg, love you Tani!!) and I have NEVER been able to understand a "runners high" or any form of exercising high. The spinning class teacher tonight was like "DON'T YOU JUST LOVE THIS??" and I wanted to yell at her "NO! YOU'RE CRAZY!" Really though, spinning wasn't TOO bad. It was hard, don't get me wrong, but I won't be going every morning like Laura. That to me, is insanity. Maybe a few times a month. I just need to find my place in the exercising world, or at least money to pay for my place.
Let's be honest, I've never really HAD to work out. I wish that would always be the case, but realistically, I want more children and we all know what THAT can do to your body. I want to find something I love NOW when I'm in good shape, not when I would rather scratch my eyes out than put a tank top and some leggings on and hit the gym. I need motivation, a goal, and right now, even a Thailand trip isn't doing it for me. And I've tried the at home videos, but I feel like I work harder in a group of people. What I would LIKE is a work out buddy who wants to do the same things as me. Let me know and I will definitely work something out. Ugh. I hate exercise. Maybe I'll just stick with the thigh master...

Monday, January 25, 2010

Swim Time!

So I'm loving that there is a place for us to go swimming year round! The city I grew up in, Washington, got a new community center a year or two ago and it is sweet. There is a HUGE indoor swimming pool with a splash park and waterslide. In the summer the whirlpool goes outside, and they also have a splash park outside too. We took Rachael there in the summer. The water was on the coldish side cuz they don't heat it in the summer, but we also went there a few weeks ago and she loved it! It took her some getting used to it. She did love to be held on her tummy. We would tell her to swim and she would kick her arms and legs. So cute! We have this thing called a Dixie Direct card and we get a buy one get one free admission so its only $5 for all of us to go. Sometime I want to get a year membership cuz I want to start taking yoga, cycling, and Zumba classes, but it is only $3 per class for me right now so its doable. Its only like $50 for a full year so its pretty sweet. I'd come down here for it even when we're living in Cedar City (potentially).
Another update. We went to Vegas on Saturday for Nate to take the GMAT. He feels he did well, although nothing is good enough for him, he wishes he would have done better. We're definately not going to have any problems getting into any Grad School we want though. (SUU is on the top of the list, a double masters in 3 semesters is pretty sweet) More exciting news! Nate's little sister, Celeste, is engaged!! They're getting married in SLC on April 23 with a reception in Rexburg the next day. It will be fun to go back and see everyone!!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

So thankful

I just read the blog of a friend of mine's sister in law. She doesn't even know I exist but I still continue to read her sweet blog. Six months ago today, her son was born. I believe it was less than a week later, this sweet little boy passed away from a rare heart condition. She blogs occasionally about her feelings and every time I read her posts I get all weepy. Here is the last little bit of her blog post, how could I NOT cry?
"I miss you. I know I will see you again, but that seems like eternity. Please Deyton, stay close to me, I am not ready for you to go..."
I think about her and other people I know who have lost their children and I am SO thankful. So thankful for my sweet baby girl who is growing up in front of my eyes. Even as I type this she is sitting in her high chair attempting to feed herself yogurt and kix and learning and being adorable. What would my life be without her? Last night she was up with her last tooth that is starting to poke through, laying between me and Nate, and I could see her profile in the dim light. I realize she is no longer a baby, doesn't even have any more baby fat, but she continues to bring so much joy to my life, to our marriage, to everyone around her. I'm not only thankful to have such a beautiful daughter of God to be my daughter, but I'm also so thankful that I am able to actually have children. I know of a few of my friends who have been trying but have not been able to. I know things will work out for them eventually, but I cannot imagine the pain they must feel at wanting a baby so badly, but right now is not the time for them. I am so blessed in so many areas of my life, even though at times it is stressful and scary, I am so thankful.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Some STG happenings...

We're having a grand ol' time here in lovely St. George. We're still waiting for Nate's job to start (hopefully sometime next week), which is taking a lot longer than expected. We're going to Vegas on Saturday for Nate to take the GMAT. Wish him luck! While he's doing that for FOUR HOURS, Rachael, my sister, Lindsey, and I will be chilling with some cousins we have in Vegas. We're so excited!!

These are two shirts I made for Rachael. I've been seeing a lot of these "pillowcase dresses" and figured they were pretty simple, so I busted these out these "pillowcase shirts" in like an hour each. And if I can sew them, you can sew them. My mom about cried when she saw that I made something with the sewing machine. The black and pink one is going to be used in her 18 month pictures. Nothing fancy, I'll probably just do them myself, but I'm so excited for her outfit!
Rachael still knows how to scowl with the best of them. Her nursery leaders were telling me how she does it all of the time. I don't believe she is trying to be mean, its just how she says hello. Today she glared at a total stranger and I said to her, "Rachael, why don't you smile at people instead?" and she turned right back to the man and shot him a smile. What a cute kid!

My little brother, Brenden, has a bird named Arnold. Rachael. Is. Obsessed. I've seriously been contemplating getting her one for Easter or Christmas or something, but the fad will probably fade out by then. Maybe when she is old enough to help take care of it. She was scared of Arnold at first, but now she will let him sit on her arm or knee (if he is in the mood, he is kind of a crazy bird). I thought this pic was so cute that Nate snapped of her! Rachael has to give Arnold a kiss every night before she will go to bed.

Monday, January 11, 2010


Since we're currently living at my parent's house we're obviously going to their ward. I thought I'd try to see what their policy is on toddlers coming to nursery a few weeks early, 3 weeks to be exact. (What the?? Rachael turns 18 months on the 31st!!) I didn't know how big their nursery is, cuz my brother's ward has three nurserys, preparing to split it into four (if that isn't insanity, I don't know what is). I didn't want her to just be one more kid they'd have to watch, but I was 100% positive Rachael would love it. We were standing at the door while I was talking to the Nursery Leader and Rachael HAULED into that room. I looked around me and I saw like 4 other kids screaming, not wanting their parents to leave. Not mine. She grabbed a couple of toys and plopped herself on one of those mini chairs and just smiled at the other kids. Then they pulled out a play kitchen and she moved on over, stuck Winnie the Pooh in the microwave, and started punching the numbers. During sunday school I had to go change her diaper and she did NOT want to leave that room. In between sunday school and Relief Society we went to check on her, she saw us peeking through the windows, so we went in to say hi. She came up and gave me a kiss then went right back on playing. It was so nice to get to listen in church, but the thought is so sad. Rachael is getting so big!! I love my little girl, but let me tell you, Nursery is a very inspired idea.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Christmas Eve and Morning

We took Rachael to see Santa at the mall. We got her all dressed up in her Christmas dress, curled her hair, and put her fancy shoes on. But she did not like that man. Its ok, what 17 month old does? Christmas eve was filled with family, music, a rousing game of White Elephant, and new jammies.
(I accidentally put some pictures in this collage that belong on Christmas Morning, oh well)

Christmas morning, Rachael got a new "big" girls chair to read her books in, a tent to crawl around in, tons of books, a ride on horsey, and a "little mommy" set, complete with a stroller, high chair, and bassinet. (Not all from Santa, by the way.) She was so adorable as she tried to open the presents. I even got her on video saying her version of "Ho Ho Ho!" So cute! We have a great Christmas this year, and I'm already planning on her next Christmas!

Monday, January 4, 2010

Pomp and Circumstance

Its still weird to think about Nate being a "College Graduate" with a "Bachelors Degree in Accounting." I thought I'd post a few pictures because it was such an amazing couple of days. Stressful, what with the last few finals and packing up, but it was so worth it. Convocation (when he actually got his diploma) was on Friday the 18th, and Commencement was on Saturday morning. We were so lucky to have Elder Richard G. Scott speak at Commencement. I love BYU-I!! Nate's little sister, Celeste, also graduated so that was fun to share this with her. Thanks to Amber and Lindsey for helping so much with watching Rachael through the craziness! Love you, Nate, and I'm so proud of you!