Monday, August 29, 2011


Yep, I still don't have any friends here in California. I'm trying to keep a positive attitude about it, after all, we've only been here for two months. (That doesn't really make me feel better...) Anyways, I've been thinking about making friends, and I've come to this conclusion. Making new friends after marriage is worse, by far, than dating. Maybe not quite as awkward, but more difficult and time consuming. Example: There is this girl in our ward who I've only talked with a few times, but we clicked and had a lot to talk about. I actually refer to her as my best friend (haha, don't think I'm too weird, this girl probably doesn't even remember my name.) so I told Nate that he needs to be best friends with her husband. Nate said he just didn't "click" with her husband. Craaaaap. Then the other day after church Nate said, "I've found you a new best friend. I don't know her name, but her husband's name is _____. We talked in Elder's Quorum." "Oh yeah... I met his wife in the mother's room last week. Yeah... we didn't really click..." Craaaaap.
Now I realize you can't judge a person entirely on one conversation, and in reality, Nate is at work so much he doesn't really need a BFF. But I'm at home all day and the only interaction I get is with a speech delayed three year old and a goo goo ga ga baby. Cute, but not entirely stimulating. I've always been fairly good at making friends, I'm reasonably but not overly outgoing, but this has just been HARD, especially for us only having one car which I don't always have. Ugh, I can complain and whine until I'm blue in the face, but I just need to DO something about it. So today I sent a Google Group message to my Relief Society people to see if someone wants to go to the new Winnie the Pooh movie tomorrow, cuz I'll have the car. Hopefully someone signs up to be my friend :)

Thursday, August 25, 2011

I'm losing motivation...

To bathe myself... Here's why...
The new ride.

We still just have one car. We could maybe, maybe, afford another car if we want to scrape by again every month with a car payment (Mallory the Malibu is paid off, thank goodness!) plus car insurance. But we've decided to put off getting another car until it is absolutely necessary. Very lucky for us, there is a park less than a mile away, and Rachael's school is only 1.1 miles away. Easy peasy with a bike! So we took ourselves to Costco (we're so grown up, with our own Costco memberships!), got a bike, and found a new bike trailer on craigslist. The girls LOVE it. Whitney is so good in it and falls asleep every time we go somewhere. But this bike and trailer is why I don't want to bathe anymore. In the mornings, Rach has to be at school at 8:35, the perfect time for Nate to take her before work. Then I have the morning just me and Whitters. I took a shower, got ready, all stress free, wondering what the heck Rachael was getting into. (P.S. Don't anyone take offense to this, but it is SO easy having one kid. Seriously. I remember one being hard when I was there, but holy moley, two is much more stress.) But that 2.2 miles (there and back. I can do math) in this heat and humidity is KILLER. I start sweating the moment I push the pedals down. Yuck. I hate feeling sweaty and grimey and having my hair pulled into a pony every day, but showering so much is a lot of work. Once Whitterkins is better at supporting her head, she'll be able to sit in a baby floaty and maybe we'll get home from our ride and hop right into the pool. Ahhh... that will be amazing.

Although I am loving having a low-key workout every day. Its good for me.

Preschool... What??

When did she get so big?? Miss Rachael started preschool on Monday. Ok, its more of a pre-preschool. Here in Irvine, the school district has an AMAZING program for kids with different developmental delays. Right now Rachael is in a class to be observed and see if she'll qualify for that program. I really have no doubt that she will. She'll be in this class for three weeks, we'll have to wait for five weeks, then have a meeting to see if she'll qualify. Ugh, such a long process, but it will be well worth it. Right now, and if she makes it into the program, she goes Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, for about three hours. She loves it, and I'm excited to go watch what goes on.

P.S. Isn't our blue door so cute? Oh, and the kid in pink, too. And a word of advice: pur your kid in tennis shoes for preschool, cuz teachers don't like it when sandals come off.


Rach barely made it in the door after church this past Sunday. That's what she gets for waking up at 5:30. Did I get a nap, too? You're silly. Of course not, but it was nice to make dinner in peace.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Giggles and Pictures

We have been SO lucky to catch both our girls' first laughs. This is the real, successive laughs, not the what I like to call "gigg-lets" (less than a giggle). Click here to see the post of Rachael's first. Now this one of Whitney is not the best, because my phone is currently having issues and won't let me transfer the ENTIRE laughing session (about 48 seconds worth), so I had to pick my favorite 24 seconds. Hard. But enjoy, its always a happy day when your baby laughs. Too bad she was laughing at my dumb voice and goofy faces, nothing truly funny... like the movie Elf. We'll get there.

On another happy note, we went to Target this morning to get Rachael's three year pictures taken. Ugh, this girl was sent to me so I could learn patience. We show up ten minutes early, like good appointment keepers should. Rachael would have NONE of the picture business. I felt bad because the woman taking the pictures thought it was cuz Rachael was getting a weird vibe from her. I made sure to tell her that no, Rachael is just uptight. They were SO NICE at this studio and said it was ok for us to take a break, go get her the popcorn and Icee we'd promised her, then come back and try again. Especially nice because it is Saturday, their busiest day. But we came back and Rachael was so adorable! She was especially fond of the photographer blowing raspberries. (Quote from photographer: "It doesn't matter how old you are, farts are always funny." lol she was funny) I'm excited to get these pictures back next week, but for now, here is one I snagged from their website (illegally... don't tell.)

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Seriously, kid?

She snatched this huge piece of Romaine lettuce off of the counter while I was making lunch. Yep, she ate the whole thing. Maybe she'll be a bunny for Halloween.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011


Which one is Rachael and which one is Whitney? Can you tell?

Whitney is a sucker. For anything suck-able. I've never been a big fan of soothers (aka: pacifiers, we call them soothers in my family) because I've heard so many horror stories of weaning. Also I hate seeing older kids with soothers stuck in their mouths, cuz that's all you see when you look at them. Not their cute face :) Rachael was never a fan, and she only sucked her thumb a few times. During the day Whitney doesn't have the soother in ALL day, but I can tell she's loving it more and more. Wigwam. I can eventually wean her off of the soother, but I can't take her thumb away from her... I told Nate I was going to put nail polish remover on her thumb to nip this thing in the bud (I didn't) but maybe we'll just have to cross this bridge later. I'd rather her take a soother because they're designed to keep the mouth shape normal, but a thumb can "ruin the shape of her mouth." (Quote: Mrs. Merriweather from Gone With the Wind, go watch it.) *Sigh*

P.S. Whitney is on the top, Rachael is on the bottom. Rach was a little over three months when this picture was taken

Monday, August 8, 2011

A few things...

  1. I don't spank my kids. I never have and I don't plan to. Today, I've never had such an intense desire to start. (No worries, there were no spanks given)
  2. I'm no longer blaming Rachael's attitude on her speech delay (entirely), I'm blaming TV. Once college football is over (the whole stupid reason we have cable), I am most definitely canceling it. I. Hate. It.
  3. We need another mode of transportation.
  4. I need a mini mode of transportation (aka: stroller)
  5. Sometimes... its just not worth the hassle... (see pic below, second blow out of the day)

(that is until your husband comments on how cute the sleeper is and how earlier that evening he was thinking about how dang adorable she looked in it. Craaaap, now I have to try...)

I hope your day was better than mine.

Thursday, August 4, 2011


Whitney's nickname is Tootsie, a name coined by her Auntie Lindsey. Why, you ask? Because this little girl is gassy! Seriously. And its loud when she lets that gas pass. I'm fairly sure she has all of those bubbles inside because we've had latching problems since birth, which we're working on. I just love this little girl more than words can say! Today is her two month birthday, and she has been such a good baby! She only cries when she's hungry or poopy, or when she needs to pass gas. And she is so smiley and chatty! Rachael didn't start talking until she was almost three months, so hopefully this is a sign that Whitney won't have a speech delay. Enjoy the cuteness!

Rachael's Third Birthday!

Mickey Mouse cake. The inside was red velvet cake with white chocolate frosting. The fondant was a LOT of work, and I'm fairly happy with how it turned out.

Awesome, super cute play kitchen!

On July 31, my princess Rachael turned the big THREE! She is no longer a toddler, she's a little kid! Oh, how I love this little girl! She's feisty, opinionated, a snuggle bug, a sweet big sister, imaginative, artistic, LOVES being a girl, and gives the best hugs! I'm looking forward to another year to watch her grow and learn and play. I love you, Rachael Face!

This year the party was low key, seeing as how we haven't made any friends yet... My awesome parents and older sister came down for the big day! Rachael loves her gwah, pah, and Zee. And when I say loves, I mean LOVES! Thanks, guys, for coming for the visit! We started missing you as soon as you walked out the door!

End of a Journey

Last Saturday night, Nate and I went to see the final Harry Potter movie with my parents. I'm so, so, SO glad I got to see it here in Irvine. We saw it on Imax 3D and it was outrageously amazing. Seriously, it was the perfect way for me to end my HP journey. ($19/ticket was a small price to pay, and I would pay it again without hesitation.)
I wonder sometimes if people think I'm weird for my obsession with Harry. During the movie I got emotional with some of the characters who died, but it was in the last 30 seconds of the movie that my emotions really flew. I simply could not believe that it is over! My mom blamed her tears on her hormones, but I am simply just so sad to have this end! I literally feel like I'm losing a friend. Yeah, I know I can read the books as much as I want, but its different this time. I have no new Harry Potter events to look forward to. (Aside from the Magical World of Harry Potter in Florida. When are we going, Britni?)
Love you, Harry