Tuesday, May 31, 2011

To My Baby Doll

Rachael Face,
Tonight may have been the last night I will read and sing to you before your baby sister comes, and I bawled the whole way through. I love you so much, everything. I know you'll still be here after the baby comes (your dad just reminded me of that) but our lives are going to change SO much. These last three years, its been you and me, and occasionally your dad :) You've been my little buddy. You give me squeezes and hugs whenever I want them, and even though there are times when I am SO frustrated with you, you have truly been the best first child a mother could ask for. You're my princess, my stink bug, my baby doll, my kid. I hope and pray that I can continue to give you everything you need. Not just food and clothes, but all of the love and affection you could ever need. If you ever need more love, just tell me and I will drop everything I am doing and give you a nice long cuddle. I love you so much, please be patient with me as I try to figure out this whole "two children thing." I will always, always treasure the last three years and the wonderful, AMAZING memories you have given me. I love you.

Love, Mom

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The Best Things in Life are...

FREE and MESSY!! Today we were pretty bored and sick of sitting around so we went to this pond we found a little ways away from our apartment (I don't think we're technically allowed to go there, its like a subdivision's pond... who is gonna tell, right?). It was only like three or four inches deep so I figured Rachael would love to throw rocks in. I was right... then she plucked up the courage to go in. One thing I've learned in motherhood is that sometimes you need to let your kid get messy, whether its a ice cream cone all over her face/clothes or mud on the bum and wet shorts. Plus it makes for some dang cute pictures, right? My favorite is the top right, one of her hilarious faces.

(Grandma, aren't you SO proud of me for all of the blogging I've been doing? I've got nothing else to do waiting for this baby!!)

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Pregnancy (this time)

I just thought I'd take a few minutes to share my thoughts on how this pregnancy has gone, you know... so I don't forget. Again, list form.
  • Easy-peasy (for a pregnancy, I did have my sick-ish days), up until around 33 weeks, then (just like last time) I started to get uncomfortable. My dumb veins popped, as well as my "belly," and I just started to feel blah and thought a lot about NOT being pregnant.
  • Since I'm so close to having this kid, I know what to expect and I'm pretty excited! Not necessarily for the whole labor thing, cuz that hurts, but the after part. And this time I get to look forward to seeing Rachael be sweet with her.
  • It doesn't make sense for this baby to be inside of my anymore. I literally feel like that. Last time I think I was just floating along, enjoying the attention that pregnant women get, finishing up Beauty School, prepping for my Boards, not really realizing that the pregnancy was rapidly coming to an end. Today I was playing with Rachael, and I really thought it was SO weird that I wasn't holding a baby. Is that weird? Well, that's how I feel.
  • Today was my 38 week check-up. It was this week last pregnancy that they put me on bed rest for the evening, then the next day Rachael graced us with her presence. (I need to put the whole birth story down for Rachael, be prepared for that huge post.) My doctor told me today she is measuring a little small (based on the size of my uterus) so if I haven't delivered by next Tuesday they're going to do another ultrasound. That was what happened last time, but last time they didn't even get to the ultrasound, they just induced me. So we'll see... but I really need to focus on counting her movements.
  • I may not look big but I feel HUGE!! I wear my nice four inch heels to church still, and I had a friend tell me she was impressed. Well... nothing else fits.
  • Old Wives Tales DO NOT WORK. I knew this was true, but I've eaten pineapple, spicy food, gone for walks, everything, all to no avail. This baby just wants to come when she wants to come.
  • I'm getting annoyed because I feel like she's just not coming out because she wants to bug me. Like there is a big red button on the inside of my uterus that she just needs to poke, or kick, or hiccup on and labor will begin. Ugh, just push the dang button already!!

    Current 38 week pictures

    37 weeks last time around, one week later I was induced with Rachael

Friday, May 20, 2011

Car Seat

We got our infant car seat out to clean it, and of course Rachael is obsessed with it and wants to be in it constantly. Here is the comparison picture. Man, oh man, my baby is HUGE!!

Straight Hair

We were bored the other day (a.k.a. Rachael was being good and I was bored) so I decided to bust out the flat iron. Just to see. SUPER CUTE!! Not as cute as the curls, but I'm glad to know Rachael's whole essence of cuteness does NOT, in fact, derive from her curls. At the end of the day Nate said, "Where are my baby's curls?" Happy to report that after her tub they popped right back where they were supposed to be. It was fun for a change though :)


There goes my little graduate... (Don't ask why this font is weird...)
Nate's actual ceremony where he walked was at 8:30 a.m., but we had to be there by 8, but Nate had to be there by 7:30, which meant we ended up being there then too because our car was in the shop. Nate's parents had to take us. I thought 7:15 was asking too much of someone on a Saturday to watch the kid, but she was actually really good (for a two year old)
Nate getting "Robed" in his Master's Robes
The happy family :) with the TWO Master's Degrees we all have worked for.
The happy couple :)
Nate's parents came down and "surprised" him. I SWEAR I did not tell him, he guessed, I'm assuming because I was running around in panic mode trying to get my apartment perfect. My parents also came up from STG for the ceremony and a picnic afterward. Rachael thought it was SO cool having two grandmas in her house. She grabbed my moms hand and took her to stand right next to Charlotte just to look at her two grandmas. lol Pretty cute
Rachael finally tried on Nate's cap, and even gave me a cute little smirk. I love this kid :) In 15 years she'll be wearing one of her own for High School Graduation. WEIRD.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Thinkin' Spot

I remember Pooh Bear always had his "Thinkin' Spot." It may have been called something different... Anyways, that is what my blog currently is. Here are some of my thoughts in list form, just because they're crammed into this tiny little brain of mine and they need an escape route.

  • I freaking LOVE my new diaper bag. Literally obsessed. There may be some things about it that have the potential to become annoying, but currently I love it. See it here, if you want to. (the brown one)
  • My back hurts. I want to have this baby. But not just because my back hurts.
  • Rachael has really turned up the sweetness factor to her daddy. I. LOVE. IT. I used to say, "Go give daddy a kiss," which would be responded with a, "NO!!" But this morning after breakfast I told her to, and she went and cuddled with him for another 10 minutes. So sweet!
  • We woke up to snow this morning so we've decided to move to California.
  • I'm really sad to be leaving our ward in the said move to California. I think this may be my favorite ward out of all we've had since we've been married, which is like 10. Sorry, previous ward members, not that I don't love YOU, but this ward is particularly awesome.
  • I really, really might get rid of all of Rachael's toys except for her little Disney action figures and dog/horse figurines. Those are the only things she plays with.
  • I currently have three Water Babies in my possession. I only need one. (p.s. Water Babies don't count as toys, they're MEMORIES. I loved, loved, LOVED my Water Baby. Getting her (Holly) for Christmas when I was four is my earliest memory.)
  • Rachael's speech is getting so much better!! Maybe to those who don't spend much time with her its not so good, but even compared to three weeks ago she is at least trying more.
  • Wigwam is the greatest term ever. Its a family thing :)
  • Rachael with straight hair is just as cute as Rachael with curly hair (see below)
  • I feel like I really need to go on a date with the Hubs. At least one more before this kid comes. Thank goodness Auntie Lindsey is coming to play for a few days :)
  • I need to blog about Nate's most current (and FINAL) graduation!! Rachael was thrilled to have both sets of grandparents at her house.
I know there was more, I just forgot. Have a good day!!

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mother's Day.

Today technically was Mother's Day, but I'm choosing for it to not be M.D. for me. Why? I've always been one to wear my heart on my sleeve, to let my true feelings show, so here it is. Today was just one of those days that comes along every once in a while when I wonder why people constantly talk about how wonderful motherhood is, how it is such a high and noble calling, next to the angels. The day started off bad. Rachael didn't get to bed until late last night, so I knew I was going to have to wake her up for Church. I could barely drag myself out of bed due to the stress of the weekend and how dead tired I was. But, of course, I did, and everyone looked acceptable for church. She was obnoxious (lets be honest) in Sacrament meeting, my skirt was too tight across my belly, and we were both tired. Nate took her to Nursery, which took a little while, but he was successful. (Let me just interject here with my amazing husband. He truly tried and did everything he could for me today, but sometimes the disciplinary action just needs to be taken by mom, no matter what day it is. He even got me a prenatal massage. YAY!!!!!) We came home from church, ate some lunch, barely got Rachael for a nap, I took a nap, woke up to Nate starting dinner (SO good, by the way. Honey, garlic, and sage pork roast with potatoes and green beans and watermelon w/ fruit dip for dessert. YUM!!!!) The rest of the evening proceeded with the kid peeing her panties twice and pooping once, all with tantrums involved. Big tantrums. I've once again decided that I'm going to put potty training on hold for the third time because it is going to put me into early labor. (Mixed emotions about that! I want to hold this baby and be done being pregnant, but guess what... this kid is going to grow up to be a three year old too...) She hardly ate any of her dinner, has been FREAKING out about a little squishy kitty toy she lost and we can't find anywhere, got out of bed three times, just barely ending with Nate changing a poopy Pull-Up (expensive? yes, she was only wearing it for about 20 minutes.) and now she better stay in bed. I'll be better tomorrow, I just need Nate to make me a mint Oreo shake and watch an episode of Grey's Anatomy with me, then I'll be off to bed and ready to do it again tomorrow. Hope all of you other mother's had great Mother's Days and you got some sort of break, cuz Heaven knows, WE DESERVE IT!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Couch Vent

I'm a little bit annoyed. Really, just a bit, because sometimes dumb things happen (like just barely my instincts telling me "dumb" is spelled "dome" because that is what my fingers typed... annoying.) As some of you know, we're trying to sell our couches in preparation for California. We've had small apartments the whole time we've been married and I'm slightly sick of feeling squished all of the time. We're still getting a small apartment, that is just how it is, but to make the squishy situation better, we're planning on getting ONE couch (hide-a-bed, we've got it picked and are SO excited!) and possibly a small decorative chair. I put an ad on Craigslist with them listed at $550. They're nice, green couches, used for about 14 months (we've technically owned them two years, but we had them wrapped in shrink wrap in our storage unit from the middle of Dec. 2009 until Aug. 2010). EXCELLENT condition, and cute to boot. So anyways, they're listed at $550, figuring it can give us some bartering room. Here are two text conversations I've had with two people the last couple of weeks.

do you still have ur green couch set 4 sale?
yes we do!
are u taking offers?
what are you offering?
i think my husband wanted to get at least $500, but i'll ask him (knowing full well it was not going to happen)
(next day)
did you get a chances 2 ask ur husband if u can do $400?
yeah, he said he wants at least $500 for them, sorry!

That conversation was fine... I guess... she might as well try, right? Here is the next one, and maybe you'll think I'm being obnoxious for being so annoyed by it, but nevertheless, here it is...

Hi, my name is Ashley. I am interested in your ad on craigslist for the Green Microsuede Couch Set. Are they still available?
Awesome and yes they are
What is the lowest price you would take for them? (notice the word lowest)
i think the lowest my husband said was 500 (again, lowest)
would he take 350.00?
probably not
Ok thank you for your time :) sorry for any inconvenience.

UGH! Really? The word lowest was stated twice, and then she drops $350 offer? $200 less than the listed price? If she had said like $475 or $450 we probably would have taken it into consideration. Listen, I know times are hard, but hey, this time in Nate's schooling is EXTRA hard financially for us. $350 for this high quality couch set would be an outrageously good deal, one that we cannot afford to give someone else. I'm sorry if I'm selfish, but I just needed to vent. Here are some pictures of our couches if you're interested, but please don't ask me to sell them for less than $450.