Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Whitney's Two Year Photo Shoot

 I'm surprised I was able to choose only 12 of these... My wonderful friend, Melanie Gochnour, took these gorgeous pictures. (Sadly, Melanie has moved to Boise so my fantastic photographer is no longer around...) I sure love this gorgeous little miss of mine!

Happy Birthday, Whitterbug!

 Whitney LaRee turned the big 2 on June 4. I can't believe how fast time has gone. We started the day off right, with tinfoil presents. She loved breaking into them and finding the presents.

 Later that day, Rachael favored us with a magic show. It was pretty adorable.
 Grandma and Grandpa Meyer were able to come down for the party. We sure love getting to see them so much!

 The cake
She was a little afraid of the fire, but eventually blew those candles out like a pro.

We sure love you, Whitters! You are such a sweet, spunky, adorable little girl.

Getting Bigger

 It was seriously a huge milestone in Rachael's life when she finally put her entire body under the water. Thank goodness for those goggles, they turned my daughter into a little fishy!
 I love this picture, she was still a little scared...

Under the Sea!

 Rachael's first year of dance was last year. We had a last minute studio change to a lady in the Stake who has a studio in her home. The recital was held at the Stake Center and really kept costs down, but was still fun and we got to see our beautiful daughter dance, which is all that we wanted to do.
 Of course, Brooklyn Conley was in Rachael's class.

 Seriously, how adorable are they??
 This little miss was a stink bug, but loved watching her big sister dance.
 Daddy even brought Rachael some flowers!

Sweet sisters!

Note: after I got done doing Rachael's hair and make up, she looked in the mirror, gasped loudly and said, "Mom! I look SOOO adorable!" She was totally right.

Brooklyn and Zelda

 My girl's two best friends are Brooklyn and Zelda Conley, and their mom, Tiffany, has become one of my closest friends here in Irvine. They are our favorite people to go to Disneyland with. On this particular day when I was watching these two cuties, they brought some face paints with them. The girls loved it! I definitely need to buy some face paint. We sure love B and Z!

Prepping for Baby Brother

 I love, love, LOVE watching my girls play mommy. It is truly one of the sweetest things ever. I'm so excited for this new little boy to get here to see the girls interact with a real baby. I'm sure they'll be fantastic "helpers!"

June 2013: More Disney

 This was our last Disney trip before we were blacked out for the Summer. We were so excited dad could come along.
 Little Mermaid ride
 Jumpin' Jellyfish. It was fun to have dad there to take Rachael on some "big kid" rides, since my belly had a baby growing in it.
 Ferris wheel kissin'!
 Flik's Fliers in Bug's Land.

 Mickey's Soundsational Parade: definitely a favorite!
 Small World, obviously a must.

Camping in Pine Valley, May 2013

 Rachael had a few weeks off of school so the girls and I headed to St. George to spend a few days with family. Sadly, Nate wasn't able to come :( We went camping in Pine Valley and it was SO fun, as camping usually is.
 Whit was loving her Minnie Mouse chair.
 It wouldn't be a trip with a four year old without a few cases of the grumpies, now would it?

But then she got a pinecone stuck to her bum, and all grumps were forgotten.
 Auntie Lindsey made dandelion crowns for the girls, which they of course loved.
 They found these awesome leaves and pretended to be puppies.
 They climbed on rocks.

 And painted faces
 And had some more grumps, even with a cute cat face on.
 Even cousins Jude and baby Frankie came up for a visit.
 Whitney and Jude are pretty adorable together!
 And of course they had to make dirt angels... just to get even more filthy.
And what would a camping trip be without watermelon? NOTHING.

We sure love camping and I'm looking forward to the time when we can have our own trailer to take camping whenever the heck we want. Woot woot!