Sunday, December 27, 2009


We have successfully packed up and moved to STG. After MUCH help from Nate's family (babysitting and cleaning) and a few girls in the ward (babysitting), we finally got the car miraculously loaded. Miracle of 2009 we're calling it. We left only about 4 hours off schedule on monday the 21, made the 8 hour car ride with a baby, a puppy to deliver, and junk piled to the ceiling. I've said it before and I'll probably say it a lot more, Bolt is my best friend. Rachael watched it nearly 5 times on the way down (I'm such a good mother, teaching my child such good habits). It doesn't really feel like we LIVE here, just that we're here for Christmas and we'll be going back next week. Not such is the case. We're down south, for the winter at least. Nate had a job interview at an accounting firm on the 22 and he got the job!! That must be why you're told to get a college education, because he had only been graduated for about three days. When the whole country is scrambling for a job, and Nate finds one on his first try, that is pretty sweet. They have to work out the details (pay, hours, etc...) on the 5th, but for now its just nice to know that we've got something lined up.
Christmas was fantastic. Christmas Eve always consists of a rousing game of white elephant (this years prizes, a cozy blanket, a mini slinkee, and a round brush. There have been worse years....), beautiful serenades by those who are musically inclined, and a word or two of the true reason for the season. My sister Lindsey and I stayed up until 3 a.m. finishing a scrapbook for my parents (pictures from this summer up at their property in southern Alberta, mom teared up, so we were victorious!), then Rachael woke up at about 9, loved opening presents (she got an adorable little chair which is just her size, a mini tent with a tunnel, lots of books, among lots of other things...). Nate was SO sneaky and got me a KitchenAid, a beautiful pink coat, a new CTR ring, a necklace and earrings, and some amazing stocking stuffers. I was too spoiled. I got him a fancy shmancy waffle maker (because we don't have enough kitchen appliances, we thought we'd find some more), a guiness book of world records, and some other stuff. So exciting!! I love Christmas, and I promise to get more pictures up soon! We also got to talk to Nate's little brother, Jordan, who is on his mission in Leon, Mexico which was really fun. I hope you all had a great Christmas and have a fantastic New Year!!

Thursday, December 17, 2009


I just wanted to share the news!! Nate just came back from his final final which means, WE'RE DONE!! As many feelings as I have swirling around inside of me, I am so happy. I was literally doing a happy dance when Nate got home. We've waited for this day for so long and I can't believe its here!!
Nate's response to my happy dance: "I'm not done with grad school." You better believe when THAT day comes, we'll be happy dancing it up together!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Thanksgiving 2009

I did it! I made a collage! So fun and so easy!

These are pictures from our fun Thanksgiving with Nate's family. There was more food than you could ever possibly imagine. As a tradition, the day after Thanksgiving the Russell family has what they call a "Christmas Picnic" which is basically just finger foods, and a lot of them. Delicious! I probably gained at least 34 pounds. Rachael had a ton of fun eating and playing with cousins. This was the last time for a few months we got to see some of Nate's family. We also went to see Nate's grandma Gutke, Jeanette. Rachael was so sweet with her and had a tea party with great grandma and cousin Abigail. So cute!! This Thanksgiving was a blast!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009


My wonderful husband is graduating from BYU-I on the 18th. Can you believe it? I can't. Nate has done so amazing in school. When we got married he had a 4.0, and I think I ruined it (or school got harder) cuz that fall semester he got an A- and he was so upset he was seriously considering re-taking it. I remember it was his Business Law class with Bro. Lee. I love that he was so distraught over it. He didn't retake it, and he has gotten a few more A-'s, but he is graduating with a 3.9 GPA. I am so proud of him I can't even describe it. The picture above is from last Thursday morning (7 am to be exact) Nate was invited to an awards breakfast. (The picture is kinda lame, I forgot my camera) It was a lot more intimate than I thought it would be, only four other students were there, as well as most of the accounting department. Nate was given the Fall 2009 Accounting Department Award. Each semester the teachers in the accounting department are given a list of graduating seniors, and they each select their top five students, not solely based on GPA (although that helps), but as well as participation in the department. Over the years Nate has not only been an amazing student, but has also been a tutor, went on an internship expedition, and interned in New York City. I'd say that's participation. I was truly so proud of Nate and was go glad I got to go to the breakfast. I am grateful for such an amazing man who works harder than anyone I have ever met. Someone who knows the importance of me needing to be home with the children. Someone who knows that education is the way to make that possible. Someone who I have no doubt will always provide for me, no matter what.
Grad school is coming up in August, so until then we're going to move in with my parents until the end of April until we figure out where that school is going to be. Life is just trucking along, Rachael is getting bigger, and we're loving every second of it. As this one door closes, I'm excited (and scared) to see where it will lead. I'm just so lucky and blessed to have such an amazing companion and best friend. I love you, Naterbug!