Thursday, May 17, 2012


We were driving to Pizza Hut for dinner last night, and this is what the girls did the whole way there. I pulled out my phone and Nate said, "You're going to make a noise and they're going to stop." I married a psychic because that's exactly what happened. BUT! After a little prompting from me, they picked their game back up, and I got a good snippit of it. Love my babes! And you may notice that Whitney is no longer in her infant carseat. I was hesitant to turn her around in her bigger seat because Rachael was turned around at this age, Whit just seems so much tinier (?) to me. Well, she's more safe rear facing, plus they play with each other so we'll keep this up as long as possible!

Also note the teensy little pony tail Whitney is rockin'. A momentous day in a little girl's life. (The rubber band slipped out about an hour later...)