Friday, June 19, 2009

Rachael Videos

Here is a plethora of videos for your enjoyment. Enjoy!!

This is Rachael and her cute cousin Joshua, they're less than a month apart and are so cute now that they can interact with each other. Rachael has a hard time keeping up with him, he can book it!

This is Rachael crawling at the park today, I think its so funny how she walks like a stinkbug when she is wearing a dress or on grass. This was both.

First time crawling up the stairs! Now it will be a never ending task to keep her away from them...

She started doing this headbanging thing last week. One morning she was just acting like her head was too big to hold, but now she bobs her head like this all the time. She also says "Ma Ma" a lot, but not in reference to me, just to have something to say. It usually comes out "ma ma ma ma ma ma ma ma". She is going to be one next month. I refuse to believe it.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009


Well my parents just pulled away and once again I'm left alone after three weeks of fun playing. Here is my dilemma... since Nate and I have done so much moving around I havent had a good opportunity to make any friends. Those of you who know me pretty well know that I am a fairly social person and this lifestyle I have is SO different from anything I've had before. I don't only want friends, I need friends. I have plenty of friends who live in St. George, but it is quite a different kind of friendship. I cannot be satisfied by phone calls, I need face to face. I need to be able to make her cookies and drop them off. I need to go to a movie with her while Nate watches the baby. I love Nate and he truly is my best friend, but I need a common estrogen bond. Between the moves and all of the excuses I make (when I get this box unpacked, at the end of next week I definately will, well she doesn't have a baby so that won't work out, etc...) I haven't really felt the Spirit too much in my life. That is one huge adjustment to having a baby that I haven't really worked the kinks out yet. Again with the excuses (I'm so exhausted, the baby is crying, the baby is climbing all over everything, on monday I'll start reading my scriptures again...). I feel like this is the biggest change I need to make because even if I don't find a kindred spirit (where is Anne Shirley when I need her?) I will always have the Savior there to be my friend. Any tips or suggestions for making good friends or talks on how to keep the Spirit with you while still keeping up on your busy 10 month old, let me know please!

One more thought... how on earth am I going to stay close to the Spirit when I have more kids?? This is insanity... and no, I am not pregnant.