Tuesday, June 5, 2012

First Year

Oh my sweet little Whitney, I cannot believe how fast this year has gone by! It has truly been the fastest of my entire life. When I look back on what I was doing one year ago tonight, I can't believe how much joy you've brought me in these months. I remember holding you, not as scared as I was with Rachael, but just being in that hospital bed, staring at you. When you were under the bili-lights, it was killing me to not be able to hold you. Even now, all I want to do is hold you and cuddle you. You, of course, are a wiggly little one year old and won't be held for anything! If I'm ever having a bad day, truly, all I need to do is look at your big smile and it gives me a relief from my problems for that moment, and that is so precious to me. You are already such a determined little girl. Crawling before you turned six months old, walking before a year, you amaze me. Every time you get up to walk, you're so wobbly and crazy, and almost always fall on your little bum. But every time, without fail, you get yourself back up and keep right on walking because that's what you want to be doing. Always be like that, baby girl, always get back up no matter what happens. I hope you know how much your daddy and I love you. We're constantly running to get the camera to try and get video of you talking to us, or to catch how your eyes light up whenever daddy enters the room and you say, "Dah-dah!" and look at me like he's the most amazing person you've ever seen. When I was pregnant with you, I remember being so scared that I wouldn't be able to show you as much love as I was able to show Rachael, but now I just get to shower my love on the two most gorgeous girls Heavenly Father has ever placed upon this earth. How did I get so lucky? I pray I can be everything you need in a Mother. I love every little piece of you and just want you to stay my happy angel baby forever! But, as much as I want that, I am so excited to see you grow and learn and become your own self. I love you, little Miss Whit, more than I can ever express.