Saturday, January 31, 2009

Wiggity What??

Rachael Nicole is now SIX MONTHS OLD!!! If that isn't insane I don't know what is. A half a year has gone by already? People always say children grow up too fast but I never knew it was this true! To celebrate, we did laundry this morning (I hate laundromats!!) and this afternoon/evening we went to Times Square!! Nate love, love, loves this cheesecake from a place called Junior's (he even brought me a piece to Rexburg when he came last time) so we got a raspberry swirl piece. Too bad Rachael can't have her own birthday cake. Before T.S., we went to buy a stroller blanket bag thing from a woman off of Craigslist so that settled my mind about taking her out a bit (I paid her $25 for it, but online it retails at $125, SCORE!). The stroller was slightly large for the subway but we managed all right. Nate would take the front while I held the handle up and down the stairs. She started to get a little fussy but slept for a bit so after that she was fine. These pictures are of her in the subway and on Times Square. Enjoy!!

Friday, January 30, 2009

25 Random Things

So this whole "25 Random Things" about yourself if sweeping across facebook! I have been resisting it for awhile, but I kept thinking about things I would put on my list so I've decided to just give in. I'm actually thinking about writing them in a journal that I'll have with me at all times. That could produce some funny memories... Here they are!

1. I have always wanted to play Millie in my favorite musical, Seven Brides for Seven Brothers
2. I could eat caesar salad all day every day unless it is too fishy
3. I have a love hate relationship with romantic comedies. I love them because I'm a hopeless romantic, and I hate them because that stuff never happens
4. I know for a fact that I have the cutest baby on the planet
5. Doing hair makes me excited
6. I know that I should go to bed early I just don't
7. I would choose a hot bath over a nap any day
8. I loved being in high school
9. I would rather get a boquet of tulips or daisies than red roses
10. My husband is my balance in life
11. I truly had my dream wedding (minus the photographer, but almost everyone says that)
12. I loved being pregnant
13. I am shamelessly obsessed with Harry Potter everything
14. I make sacrifices for my husband's educational and vocational future
15. I don't mind making those sacrifices (as long as I get to go shopping once in a while)
16. I only began having a good, non-confrontational relationship with my sister after I moved away from home
17. I have discovered that my parents are ALWAYS right and they love me so much
18. I sometimes get frustrated being "just a wife and mother" but I love it and wouldn't change it
19. I remember faces but not names
20. My best friend is my amazing husband
21. I am all five love languages
22. I don't handle change very well initially, but it almost always turns out for the best
23. I love to cook but hate to clean up
24. I wish I was better than I am
25. I'm scared I'm not raising my child the way I should be

Silly Little Post

I got this idea from my Aunt Stefani's blog. Its pretty funny and I love it! You just go to any search engine and type in "[Your Name] needs" and write down the first ten results that make sense as a sentence. Some of these things make me wonder what that person's story is.

Erin's list:
Erin needs a drink
Erin needs another miracle!
Erin needs to wear shirts
Erin needs liver transplant (this was in reference to a one year old :( sad!)
Erin needs a visit to the library soon
Erin needs a servant (that'd be sweet!!)
Erin needs a nap (more than you know)
Erin needs new music
Erin needs a new laptop
Erin needs justice
*compliments of

Nate's list:
Nate needs help
Nate needs your votes
Nate needs to make more plays to earn his salary
Nate needs to pull some Yoda Jedi Magic
Nate needs a haircut (don't I know it!)
Nate needs an assistant (and what am I, chopped liver??)
Nate needs money
Nate needs breathing help
Nate needs a hand to help homeless animals
Nate needs frosting on his feet (uhh...)
*compliments of cuz Yahoo was being dumb

Rachael's list:
Rachael needs a miracle
Rachael needs your numbers cause she lost her phone!
Rachael needs to limit her coffee intake*
Rachael needs a new hairstylist (nice...)
Rachael needs a late night dessert snack
Rachael needs an operation on her throat*
Rachael needs to either have a child or adopt*
Rachael needs a new camera
Rachael needs a very special home
Rachael needs your love
*In reference to Rachael Ray
**Compliments of

So if your ever in a bind for a new post or are just bored, try this out!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009


Ok, I'm having a serious dilemma and I need some advice from anyone who is willing to share. Ever since we moved to NY Rachael's schedule is WAY off. Off as in she'll go to sleep at like 10, but treat it like a nap and wake up an hour later ready to play. (This is the current situation, hence me blogging at 1 a.m. The babe is sucking on her feet fighting the sleep.) In the morning she'll wake up at 9:30 or 10 (not to mention the two or three times within that) and go to sleep two hours later. Then another nap at like 5, then a "nap" at 10. HELP!! Ideally I would love for her to go to bed at 9, sleep for at least a few hours straight, and then take a morning nap and an afternoon nap, and then bed again at 9. Why isn't this possible? I just need a shift back of about 4 hours. IS THIS POSSIBLE?? I don't believe so, but if you have any tidbit of advice, I would LOVE it please! Either comment, or if it is too much advice for just a comment (which would be fantastic!), e-mail me at I'm going to attempt this again. Wish me luck!!

Here is a list of things I'm attempting all at once, which is probably part of the problem:
1. A scheduled sleep pattern
2. To get her to stop nursing/rocking to sleep
3. To get her to comfort herself back to sleep (not a real winner tonight!)
4. To get her attached to her stuffed mouse's presence instead of mine
5. To not rip my hair out

Monday, January 26, 2009

Baby Update

I'm sorry I've neglected to update about Rachael, but it has been a little difficult without a camera. These come from my phone so the quality is not so good but I'm glad I have it!

Rachael has been rolling over like a MANIAC!! I rolled up a blanket and put it under her to stimulate crawiling. She liked it for a bit, then apparently her arms got tired and she face planted. She's pretty cute.

We opted to not bring a playpen out because it would cost $20 to haul it out here on the plane, so I'm planning on buying one off of craigslist that I'll just sell back before we leave. Money has been a little tight until Nate gets paid so for the first week Rachael was sleeping in a suitcase. She is too long for that so now she is just on a pillow and blankets on the floor and is able to stretch. Muuuuch better!
(P.S. Playpen is coming this week, along with an exersaucer, hopefully)

Solid foods were a New Years resolution for the babe. She has been doing fantastic! Its a little more inconvenient but its pretty fun! We are just doing it in the morning and at night until she is ready for more. This picture and video is of Nate feeding her, and she did better for him than she does for me. Go figure...

This is a picture of Nate that he had drawn while he was in Atlanta for training. I think it is pretty funny but a fantastic likeness!

Saturday, January 17, 2009

New York... hmmm...

So we've been in New York for two days, moved into our apartment last night, and went venturing out to some stores today. We were out and about for not even two hours and I came home completely exhausted. I don't think I quite realized how difficult this would be with a baby. We live on the third floor which means two flights of stairs. It is outrageously difficult to haul a baby, stroller, and groceries up those stairs. I think I just need to get into a groove and a routine and figure all of this stuff out!
Walking around Walgreens and the grocery store we go to called C-Town, I felt like everyone was just irritated with me and my huge stroller and my baby. This city is definately not baby friendly. And it is COLD!! Like Rexburg cold, including the Rexburg wind. I saw a woman with this kind of stroller blanket and I neeeeeed one! (FYI her stroller was a LOT more compact than mine) Part of my biggest stress today was keeping the baby warm. She had her boots on (which she is almost grown out of, of course...), long warm corderoys, a long sleeved onesie, a sweater, and a beenie, not to mention the three blankets she had on. I was still paranoid.

Money is also an issue at the present moment. Nate will get paid on the last day of the month and our rent is paid, but I just stress about money and food and all that jazz. I think we're better off than I think we are, but I can't help but freak out. I need to get used to this crazy new environment!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

I loooooooooove H.P.!

This is the Harry Potter trailer. I just about start crying every time I watch it because I am SO excited! I was completly bummed that they switched the release date from November 21st to July 17. That is EIGHT MONTHS that I have to sit around debating if I'm going to read that book before I see it. (my conclusion is no, because it ruined #5 for me...) My only consolation for the change of the release date was Twillight, but now I NEEEEED Harry Potter. I'll admit it, I'm a fanatic for that cute little wizzard with his round glasses. When they released the date for the movie, I grabbed Nate's face, stared deep into his eyes, and said very seriously, "Nate, I want to go to the midnight showing of this movie. Make this happen for me." This desire of mine is going to determine just how much Nate loves me. Truly, if we are serious about going on a cruise this summer, it will not be on Harry Potter's release date. In fact, I'm probably going to throw a Harry Potter party. Hey, people can do it for Twilight, I'm going to do it for Harry Potter. I mean, let's be honest, I would much rather snuggle up with a wizzard than an ice cold, hard Vampire. And let's not forget the point that Edward Cullen was first Cedric Diggory in Harry Potter four. Thank you, and goodnight.

I Love CraigsList!!

Craigslist is an amazing thing. Not only is it where Nate and I found our NYC apartment, but there are all sorts of random things to read and discover about our fellow mankind! Lately I've been looking for a playpen and an exersaucer to buy for super cheap while we're in NY so I don't have to haul it out there, and then I'll just sell it before we leave. Well I came across this the other night... I think I could make some good money out of this!!

"I have newborn 45 days old.He is completly on breast milk,but i have extra breast milk available,which i breast pump daily and is refrigerated.Come and pick up with cash only.4ounces bottle for $20 only.Would be preferable if you get your own baby bottles and i can fill and give it to you.Please email at or reach me 360-227-5665.Having 4 bottles available."

Maybe I'll give her some competition and sell mine for FOUR dollars an ounce. I'll have to see what Nate thinks of this plan.

(I am totally joking about this. Selling my milk would kinda weird me out...)

Attack Gramma!!

My mom is probably not going to be too happy I posted this video but it is so cute! Remember mom... its for posterity. As the time draws closer for us to leave everyone is getting a little sad. I was glad to spend a lot of time with Nate's family over Christmas so they could all spend some time with her, and now I'm grateful that my family gets to be with her. Funny thing... no one wants to spend time with me or Nate anymore, just the baby. Its totally ok cuz she is WAY cuter than we are. My sister is an Early Education major so she knows all about baby development and was telling me today about how she is going to go through a phase where she will be freaked out by strangers while we're in New York so we're all dreading the tears we'll see when she sees everyone again. In advance, I promise she still loves you!

Rachael and I are going to NYC on thursday :S Nate is currently in Atlanta for training and is... enjoying?... it? He is getting paid for it so that is nice. Its hard to believe that in four more nights I'll be sleeping in my New York apartment.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

NYC here we come!

Well here are a few pictures of our apartment in New York. These are the only two that this guy posted on, but they give us a pretty good idea of what we'll be living like. Long story with this apartment. My friend Rachael and her husband live on the same block as this apartment so they were sweet enough to go check it out for us. When they got there and the "landlord" found out that we have a baby, he said no way. So I e-mailed him and asked him why not. He told me that he had dealt with kids before and it just never works out. I e-mailed him back and told him that our baby is only five months old and is the best baby ever, we get compliments on her all the time. Well we got no more e-mails from him until one day we got on that said "You still need a place?" we told him yes and he upped the price about 700 bucks. Well... $2,700 is slightly out of our price range so no deal. He eventually gave in so we got an amazing one bedroom apartment on 88th street I believe. My sister and her friend and also my parents are planning on coming for a little visit so if any of you have been thinking about a new york trip, you've got a place to stay. It might be humble means, but its free. I'm so excited, a little nervous... Nate flies to NYC on friday, flies to Atlanta on monday for training, the baby and I fly to NYC on thursday, and Nate gets back to NYC on friday, which is the day we move in. I can't believe this is all happening!!

And yes... that is a 42 inch plasma. sweet.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

One of my favorites

So its been awhile since I've posted and I wanted to show you all one of my favorite things! My sweet sister in law Heidi gave me this amazing diaper bag when she was in Idaho a few weeks ago. I was in the market for a new diaper bag because as babies get bigger so do their needs. I love this one because it is a back pack so I won't have a bag falling off of my arm every second and it is also covered in plastic so it will last forever and won't get dirty. Thank you so much Heidi! I wish we could hang out with you more, maybe we'll have to figure something out while we're on the east coast.
P.S. Our camera is completely shot so this is just a picture I found online. There will be minimal pictures for a while, unless they come from our phone. Needless to say we're in the market for a new camera... and some money :)