Tuesday, April 30, 2013

October 2012

October was a pretty eventful month. The girls and I made a trip to St. George during Rachael's school break. One of the plays that Tuachan did was Aladdin and Rachael had been going through a serious princess Jasmine phase. I knew she needed to go to this play. I was a little apprehensive about her attention span, but she did great! Grandma bought her some popcorn and she just sat her happy self down to watch. After intermission she said, "We go home now?" Unfortunately it was not time to go home, but the flying carpet right after intermission brought her back around.

Better than Disneyland!
 Just down the road from us they have a pumpkin patch with cheap activities and super expensive pumpkins. The girls loved feeding animals, riding in those quarter machine rides, and jumping in bounce houses. (We didn't get a pumpkin, they really are ridiculously expensive)

 We'll take what we can get...
 Grandma and Grandpa Meyer were also able to come for a quick visit to the pumpkin patch...

...and a trip to the Orange County Great Park with a free carousel and jack-o-lantern balloon ride.

 We also went to DL a few times, and this picture of Whit on the Winnie the Pooh ride is HILARIOUS!
 Then of course Halloween. The girls were clowns and they were ridiculously adorable.
 Rachael's annual Halloween Parade at school. This is her favorite teacher, Miss Yuko.
 Then of course the Halloween party at daddy's work, always a screaming good time.

 Halloween dance class, Whitney had to get in on the fun.
 This particular costume of Rachael's my sister happened to find at a garage sale for super cheap. I later found four costumes for $5 on craigslist, she loves wearing them to class!
 I wanted to particularly mention this little girl in the bumblebee costume. Her name was Erin (easy for me to remember) and she was so shy her dad could barely get her though the door. Rachael was always SO SWEET to her. If Erin was standing on the outside of the circle, Rachael would go and take her hand to try to include her. She would always stand by her and try to get her to do what the teacher was teaching. I love my sweet little girl.
 And trick-or-treating. We love us some free candy!

September 2012

So apparently nothing of too much excitement occurred in August, we'll just skip it. :) September brought a huge change to our lives. Nate's oldest sister, Sarah, and her family came to visit and hit up Disneyland. We went on a fun quick trip to the beach where Rachael almost got washed out to sea (thank goodness daddy was right there!). On the last night of Sarah's stay we met them at DL and upgraded their passes, and we became annual passholders to the happiest place on earth! Woot woot! Its been so much fun to go to DL a few times a month. Unfortunately Nate isn't able to come very often... But its still awesome.

 Rachael also started dance class! She as LOVED it! And I've loved watching her improve over the last few months. This little girl just tugs at my heart when she dances because dancing was such a huge part of my life a few years ago. I had made the decision to keep her from the dance recital for this year ($80 for a hideous costume and then $20/ticket, plus pictures and I would have to buy a video from them if I wanted footage. Not happening.) but I recently found out about a girl in the Stake who has a studio in her home, and she's letting Rachael and Brooklyn (see below) hop into the class. Now, next month, she'll be dancing to a Disney song in a costume that only cost $45 and a family ticket for $20, including dinner. So fun! I'm so excited!
 Here's Rachael and Brooklyn on their fist day of dance class. They're the cutest friends!
 I don't remember if this was our first Disney day, but they're the first Disney pics I have so lets go with it. We stopped in at Pixie Hollow and got to meet Perriwinkle (Tinkerbelle's sister) and Silvermist. We haven't been back since because the wait is usually at least 60 minutes. We need to do it again though, Rachael needs their autographs!