Saturday, August 24, 2013

April 2013

 We hit up the Pixar Play Parade with our friends, the Gochnours, Jack, Jonah, and Sofi, in April. (The Gochnours have since moved to Boise, so sad!) We love the Play Parade! There is bubbles, water, and a lot of characters getting all up in our faces. So fun!

 Grandma Meyer was also able to come for a visit, so we went to the Nix Nature Center. It was freakishly chilly this day, which I guess is better than it being freakishly hot.

 Minnie! (Notice no Whitney... Apparently if you're not a princess you don't deserve her time.)
 Goofy! Definitely not on the top of Whitney's to do list.
 Swimming time again! Whitney was getting too independent in the pool.
 Rachael wasn't nearly as independent as she should have been...
This picture is really awkward... I promise I'm clothed under my smok, just in my swimming suit. This was Whitney's first haircut and she was so adorable through the whole thing! Best part was her curls popped right into place and are now even more curly. Love my girl's curly locks.

PS I never mentioned that we announced I was expecting sometime in March. Yep, another kid is on its way! I mention this now because something important happened in April, thankfully while my mom was visiting. I started having a pretty intense pain in the right side of my belly, plus a fever and some vomiting. So what do we do? We look on the internet until we find out what is wrong. I went to my routine Doc appointment in the morning, feeling sickly, but didn't think too much of it. Later that afternoon my pain in my side was worse, and after google-ing it, we thought it would maybe be appendicitis. Nate came home and took me to the insta-clinic that had an ultrasound. They couldn't see anything wrong, but took my blood and had it tested. They told me to call in a few hours for the results. So I did. When I called, they said they recommended I go to the ER because my white blood cell count was elevated. So we hopped on over to the ER. There they took more blood, did another long ultrasound, and found out that.... nothing was wrong. Ugh. I was so annoyed. With myself, the clinic, and the ER. ER visits are VERY expensive. Oh well... At least nothing was wrong, right??

March 2013

 Aunt Elise came to visit in March! We went to Pump-It-Up for a morning of fun! It was awesome to get to spend some time with Elise before she left on her mission. Thanks for the visit, Elise!

 We also went to the Orange County Great Park for a little outdoorsy time.

 Later that month, we met Baloo at DL.

And we went to see Disney Junior Live on Stage. The shows they put on stage are Sofia the First, Doc Mcstuffins, Jake and the Neverland Pirates, and Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. Heaven. On. Earth. For my girls at least. (Minus Jake... lets be honest.) It was hard to get a good picture because no flash was allowed, but I thought these pictures turned out pretty cool.

February 2013

Not much went down in February. I'm sure we went to Disneyland a few times, but the nice thing about going so much is you kind of relax about all of the pictures unless something out of the ordinary comes up.

 Even though daddy was in the midst of tax busy season, we still managed to get a few snuggles in. So cute.
 The girls also got some new (to them) bikes! Rachael did awesome with her pedaling. Whit... needs some more practice.

January 2013

Rachael's picture day at school. I can't believe how old my baby girl is getting!

Trip to the beach with some friends. One of our few beach trips. My thoughts on the beach are this: A day at the beach is NOT a day at the beach. Parking is a nightmare, there is a lot of sand, which ends up in Whitney's mouth, my children love the water and like to wander into the pulling waves. If I could just spend a relaxing day there, I'd probably go more.

With the new year brought a whole new year of Disney memories. We would try to go once a week with our friends, the Conleys. Rachael and Brooklyn had dance class from 9-10, so we'd really try to get to DL right after class. On this particular day our goal was to see as many princesses as possible. It worked out AMAZINGLY. They had three out at a time, so we saw three, then hopped back in line and saw the next three. Then hopped over to see Merida. Rachael, of course, LOVED it, and walked right up to them with her autograph book. Whitney, surprisingly, loved it too! I was very surprised by how outgoing she was with all these princesses. The princesses were so cute, so in character, and so did not make us feel rushed. It was awesome.
 Snow White


"Rachael, go get Whitney, please."
 Seriously, Whitney was little Miss Snuggles with Merida. She popped a squat right on her lap and didn't move for five minutes.

The only princesses we didn't see this day were Jasmine and Rapunzel. (Stay tuned!)

Friday, August 23, 2013

New Years 2012-2013

 We spent New Years in St. George where we did some quadding. Whit was a smidge too small to be galavanting about the Southern Utah wilderness on a quad, so Grandma and Grandpa drove to the Gypsum mine. Rachael LOVED the gypsum, she was convinced it was diamonds, and I couldn't bear to dash her dreams.
 They made it to the top!!
 I love this picture, minus my closed eyes. I may just have to cut bangs again...
 Whit loves her papa!
Nate and I went on an extended quad ride with my older brother, Justin. It was fun to see a new place in the beautiful place that I grew up.

Christmas 2012

 This was our last Disneyland trip before our Holiday blackout. It was fun to go with our friends, Tiffany, Brooklyn, and Zelda Conley to the parade. Crowds were pretty bad, so I'm pretty sure we only stayed for the parade and then went home.

 Cute friends!
 Rachael looked like she was in relaxing heaven as she was getting her face painted at Daddy's work party. Poor little Whitterbug was feeling sickly, threw up on me, and we had to leave the party early.

 After we got to Rexburg, we had so much fun with cousins! Rachael and Abigail were BFFs and Whitney and Hannah warmed up to each other eventually.
 Whit really wasn't grumpy, just being silly and adorable, as usual.
 Christmas Eve snuggles and story time!
 Good morning!

Rachael, unlike her mother, LOVES the snow. Unfortunately, being SoCal reidents, our snow gear is non existent. She did good with lots of layers.
 My sweet girls in their Christmas dresses.

 We love Aunt Melissa!
GIANT icicle.