Friday, September 7, 2012

Crazy @ Craigos

 For a little stroll down memory lane, we headed to Craigos Pizzeria (now American Pizza Pie Cafe, so dumb...). Nate and I had our first date at Craigos, in this same booth, following a harp concert almost exactly six years ago. The girls were CRAAAZY!! I don't know what it was, but Rachael was seriously a lunatic and Whitney was just following along. Its a very relaxed place and every other customer there had kids, so I wasn't entirely concerned about her behavior, but seriously, she was bouncing off the booth walls. I love going back to Rexburg to see all of our old hang outs and places where our family started and grew.

Fun on Grandpa's Farm

 The girls spent a LOT of time eating raspberries, playing with the new litter of puppies, and playing make believe in the grass. Lets not forget tractor rides, picking carrots, feeding chickens, gathering eggs, and looking at the new baby cows. It was so awesome for the girls!!

 Grandpa and sweet baby Calder (Celeste's baby)

 Whitney didn't love the tractor ride...
Rachael did!

Rexburg Water Fun!

The end of July we went up to Rexburg for a Russell Family reunion. We did a LOT of water activities. First being going to Egin (ee-gin) Lakes. Super fun, its about two feet deep across the whole thing, perfect for games. Rachael was content to do her own thing, and Whit was busy being busy.

Whit and Hannah, they're about two months apart. Hannah is THE sweetest little girl, full of hugs and smiles.
The next night we rented tubes from BYU-I ($3, buy one get one FREE?! Yes please!) Aunt Melissa is super fun and adventurous and decided to strap a metal tub to a wooden pallet and started a fire. SO FUN!! Rachael and Kloe were such cute friends together!

Jonathan tying a rope around the fire.
Love this girl!
The next day since we still had the tubes we just went as a smaller group, sans fire. I LOVE floating the river!

And so does Rachael, apparently.
I took like 27 pictures of Whitney in the boat because she was so dang adorable in her life jacket.
Rachael looks like she's being a drama queen bawling her eyes out, but she was just lounging on daddy's lap, trying to keep the sun out.
We hit up the Rexburg splash park and Rachael loved it! (Notice my two sis-in-laws, Sarah and Heidi, in the back. I love those ladies!!)
Such cute cousins! Abigail, Paige, Rachael, and Kloe

Thursday, September 6, 2012

July 4th

^Thrilled to be going to a parade
We had a very low key 4th of July. Normally, in UT/ID, we would buy our own fireworks and light them in the street. In CA, not entirely possible. Basically our day consisted of a small local parade, swimming, and a BBQ picnic dinner. After dinner, around 8, we debated on going to the city's fireworks or heading home to get the girls to bed. Nate, the fireworks fanatic, voted we put the little grumps to bed. So we did. Nate and I watched a movie while we listened to the fireworks through the window. I'll be honest, it was nice to have a stress free holiday.