Saturday, December 31, 2011

Ending Holiday Thots

  • I know, I know, I KNOW I need to do some serious blogging!

  • The girls and I have only been in St. George for two weeks, but it literally feels like two months.

  • I'm not gonna lie... I've loved each of them having their own rooms to sleep peacefully in... We had our own too!

  • 2012 is almost here. I'm setting some major goals and I'm sticking to them. For more than just a month. Anyone remember how many times you have to do something before it becomes a habit? 11 o'clock (or earlier) bedtime for me and Nate is one goal, and its the one that needs to happen for so many other goals to happen.

  • Nate and I went to a Thai restaurant yesterday. I whipped out the notebook to discuss our resolutions for 2012. We only got around to one (the bedtime one...). Lets blame it on the delicious food, shall we?

  • I love not overdoing Christmas. Why on EARTH would my three year old need hundreds of dollars worth of Christmas presents? She doesn't. I've decided in our family, we'll spoil kids on their birthdays, but leave Christmas for the true reason. A few presents, but mainly focus on Christ.

  • I promise I'm not complaining about this... Nate got me some really cute boots for Christmas, but there was literally four inches of space around my calves. In our recent quest for replacement boots we had the same problem. I can't decide if I should curse or love my slender calves.

  • I love that our church now starts at 9 a.m. YAY! And in happy/sad news, this time next year, Whitney will be in nursery. Happy because, well, its nursery! And sad because my baby is growing up...

  • BYU football is OVER! But BYU basketball has started... I suppose my husband having one guilty pleasure isn't so bad, but why do the games have to be so blasted long?!

Hope you all had a fantastic Holiday season! I'm looking forward to reading lots of blog posts in the next few weeks. I'll definitely be posting some of my own.

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Family Pictures 2011

***I don't remember what I put in my last family picture post... sorry if I repeat. (Cuz clearly its too difficult to go back and read it...)***
For our family pictures this year I really wanted to capture part of our new life here in California. Even though we don't go to the beach too often (it is a LOT of work) I really wanted our pictures done there. After some recommendations from friends we decided to go with Laguna Beach, at a place called Heisler Park. BEAUTIFUL!! If you ever come to visit, this is the beach we'll take you to. My cousin's husband, Trevon Angulo, was kind enough to come take our pictures and I couldn't be happier with them. The girls were so good. Maybe not chock full of smiles, but at least not crying and screaming :) I'm excited to get prints of these and hang them on my wall. YAY!

Sunday, December 11, 2011


Bear with me... This annoys me.
We're sitting here watching the news (ok, Nate was watching the Sports segment of the news, and I was brushing my teeth... Its no secret I'm not a sports fan.) and a story came on about the best hitter in Major League Baseball just signing a new contract with LA Angels. His ten year contract is for 254 million dollars. TWO HUNDRED AND FIFTY-FOUR MILLION DOLLARS! That is freaking insanity! Its also no secret if I had to pick a sport that is my least favorite, hands down, baseball. So boring, so lame. I'm sure he's got talent, I'm sure most professional sports players have talent, but seriously, there are some insanely talented people out there who are struggling to get by. I used to dance when I was in High School, and I LOVED it. It was hard and really pushed me, physically and emotionally. There is a girl at the studio I used to dance at and she is ridiculously, no, OUTRAGEOUSLY talented. So talented, in fact, that she is currently studying at Julliard. Wow, right? This past summer she was doing fund raising and looking for sponsors just to help pay for tuition. Maybe I'm biased, but I feel like it takes more talent (MUCH more talent) to be a dancer and all of the things that entails than to whack a ball and run in a square. So lame. Why does he need that much money? Why is it ok for them to get paid so much and my mom, who is a 2nd grade teacher, shaping the future dancers/baseball players/politicians, gets paid hardly enough to get by? Seriously, I'm not politically inclined (no secret there, either), but this country/world has some messed up priorities if they think that is what is important.

Consider me bugged.

Thursday, December 8, 2011


Ok, so I just have to tell you all about my AMAZING deal today. It might be kinda long, but I'm so excited about it I don't even care.
I was perusing today, and saw that their Disney Princess Squinkies were on sale for $6 each, but when you buy one, you would get one for 50% off. BARGAIN!! Two sets of Squinkies for $9, regularly $12 each. Then I was going to have to pay $5 shipping, which I hate hate HATE doing, so I didn't get them. Walgreens was (is, go check it out!) having a sale, all of their $9.99 toys have a $4 coupon, sweet! So I was just going to get Rachael one pack of Squinkies and then exchange them for the princess ones when they got more in. I also got some cheese and milk and went to check out. Total? $7.12. I didn't notice until my card had gone through, then I said, "Wait! How much?? How much were the Squinkies?" "Two dollars." "I'll be right back, I'm getting more of those!" They only had one pack left so I went to check out again, ready to pay my two dollars, but he just handed me my receipt. Confused, I said, "They're FREE???" "Yep, it looks like the coupon takes it all off." "Is it supposed to do that?" "I don't think so..." but this kid didn't look like he was wanting to mess with it, so there you have it. AMAZING RIGHT?! They didn't have any more or else you better believe I would have stocked. up.
The problem with Squinkies are they are quite a choking hazard, especially to a mobile six month old... So instead of giving Rachael 32 Squinkies, I'll probably just fill her stocking with them then give them to her two at a time... we'll see. Squinkies are pretty cute and I'm over the moon about my deal!

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Family Pictures Peek

Blogger is being annoying and will only let me upload one picture at a time, so instead of spending then next four hours putting pictures up, I'll put three. Eventually I'll collage them, but I'm lacking the motivation to do anything that takes even the tiniest amount of thought... sigh... Enjoy this little peek, I have some pretty DANG cute girls! And my husband ain't too bad, either. :)