Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Under the Sea!

 Rachael's first year of dance was last year. We had a last minute studio change to a lady in the Stake who has a studio in her home. The recital was held at the Stake Center and really kept costs down, but was still fun and we got to see our beautiful daughter dance, which is all that we wanted to do.
 Of course, Brooklyn Conley was in Rachael's class.

 Seriously, how adorable are they??
 This little miss was a stink bug, but loved watching her big sister dance.
 Daddy even brought Rachael some flowers!

Sweet sisters!

Note: after I got done doing Rachael's hair and make up, she looked in the mirror, gasped loudly and said, "Mom! I look SOOO adorable!" She was totally right.

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